Once upon a time, far far away
came Humfrey Bear one special day.

Santa's stuffed bear with white feet and nose.
Every year he wears adorable new clothes.

Humfrey's story

"I want to be special" said Humfrey,
There's no doubt about that.
"But there's nothing special about me,"
He thought as he crawled in Santa's sack.

"I'm not sweet like chocolate chip cookies.
I'm not tasty like buttery buns.
Just thread and cloth, button eyes and nose.
Oh dear, I'm just not much fun!"

"Guess I'm not very special," Said Humfrey
"I have nothing to offer or share?"
"On Donner and Blitzen!" said Santa, "let's go!"
Humfrey felt the sleigh rise in the air.

Santa's sleigh set down on a rooftop.
Snow crunched under the reindeer's feet.
Santa walked to the chimney as in times before
He had a schedule to keep.

He began his descent down the smoke-stack
He wiggled his body to fit
As he twisted and turned, he soon realized he was stuck,
couldn't move, not one bit!

"Oh, help me! I'm stuck!" shrieked Santa.
From the bag Humfrey heard Santa's cry.
He leapt from the sack to rescue ol' Nick .
"What can I do, a bear such as I?"

Now everyone knows about bear hugs
A strong grip that holds just right
So Humfrey ran over and grabbed Santa's middle.
And wrapped his arms around tight!

With his eyes closed as he dug in his toes
then he hugged and he hugged and then...POP!
Ol' Santa popped loose at that moment
and...WHOOSH... down the chimney he dropped!

Yes, Santa was grateful to Humfrey.
As the rest of this story goes,
that night he placed Humfrey under the tree
and in parting he spoke this last prose.

"So you want to be special, dear Humfrey?
A secret magic I'll place in your hug,
and whomever it pleases to give you big squeezes
will feel your 'heart-tuggable' love!"

What's the secret behind Humfrey's hugging?
The best part we've saved 'til the end!
Though gifts are forgotten
His magic's forever, on Humfrey's love you can depend.

You don't have to be someone special,
famous, important or a star.
Just be yourself 'cause like Santa...
Humfrey loves you, just as you are!



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